Centralized Monitoring System for Solar Power Plants

Solar power station centralized monitoring system is a remote online monitoring center system for solar power station. It displays the operation data through a visual charts, which includes station power generation capacity, sunshine intensity, investment returns, equipment operation status, equipment real-time data and history data query; also has powerful graph analysis function including comparative analysis between internal power stations and the power plant electricity generating capacity, and equipment performance comparison.

Centralized Monitoring System for Solar Power Plants
● System adopts B/S framework, it can be logged in remotely through the Web browser to know the power station operation condition in time
● Intelligent data analysis and sent pre-alarm to guarantee the normal operation of power stations
● Powerful graph analysis function, convenient to know the stations and equipments operation condition
● Multi-ways of abnormal alarm, like SMS, email, phone etc
● Adopts open modular platform design, achieve system information sharing and resource unified management
● Offer powerful multi-user and competence management function to guarantee the system security


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