Grid-Connected AC Combiner Box

AC combiner box in grid tie system is used to bring together the output of multiple PV inverters and then connect to the grid. It could lessen the cable for the connecting between inverters and the grid. To a large extent it reduces distribution material cost and workload.

Grid-Connected AC Combiner Box

Protection class IP65 for outdoor use

Simply wiring, easy operation, reducing the wiring workload

High efficiency and strong security with standard configuration of AC lightning protection modules

Wall mounting with small volume and light weight, reducing installation time.




Max. input voltage

600 Vac ± 15%

Rated insulation voltage

690 Vac

Rated frequency

50 Hz

Rated working current of branch

50 A

Rated working current of Bus

300 A

350 A

Valid value of rated short-time withstand current Icw (1 s) (KA)


Max. value of rated short-time withstand current Ipk (KA)


Low frequency withstand voltage for 1 min

2500 Vac

IP rating

IP 65; IP 20 after open the door

Lightning protection level

Class C

Fire-resistance rating

UL 790 – Class C

Service life

More than 10 years


Wall bracket

Cable entry & exit

Bottom entry / exit

Dimensions (W D × H) (mm)

720 × 820 × 170


Grid-Connected AC Combiner Box Datasheet - PDF

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