EAST Has Been Ranked in the List of Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises

Recently, the sixth “Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises” conference was held in Wuhan city, and nearly 500 leaders, experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from National Energy Administration, new energy field and enterprises attended this conference. At this conference, the organizers released the enterprises list of “2016 Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises”. Thereinto, EAST entered the “Top 500” again relaying on improved performance, and the ranking rose from 398th place to 155th place and awarded a prize for “Development Potential”.

The “Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises” was a large-scale public welfare activity launched by China Energy News and China Institute of Energy Economics Research for evaluation of authoritative research on new energy industry. The selection is in accordance with the international practice, taking the new energy enterprises’ operating revenue of previous year as standard for creating an authoritative and objective global list of new energy companies. EAST, as a supplier of smart city and smart energy system solutions, focuses on the investment, construction and service of smart city & big data, smart energy and rail transit and research & development, manufacturing, marketing and service of core products. In recent years, EAST has received fruitful results in smart energy field, such as the construction of largest water surface PV power station in Asia, BOT project of PV poverty alleviation power generation etc. In September of this year, the EAST charging piles relaying on independent research and development are applied in Hangzhou G20 Summit, which has attracted worldwide attention.

Moreover, EAST was awarded the honorable title of “Top Ten Innovative Enterprises in China’s Economy in 2016”. The “2016 China Economic Forum for the 14th Annual Meeting of Chinese Economic Figures” was held in Beijing from December 18 to 19, 2016. It was co-hosted by China Economic Herald Office of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Editorial Office of Macroeconomic Management of NDRC and China Enterprise News group to promote the full implement of “the Belt and Road” strategy and look for the practitioners of “artisan spirit” and “Chinese dream” in Chinese economic field. EAST Group Co., Ltd (stock code: 300376) was invited to attend this forum and awarded the honorable title of “Top Ten Innovative Enterprises in China’s Economy in 2016”

EAST has executed exploration and development continuously on the emerging industry of UPS, EPS power supply, PV power plant, smart micro grid etc., adhering to the management philosophy of artisan spirit, attaching great importance to product technology research and development. Therefore, EAST products have reached the national advanced level in the aspects of high frequency switching power supply technology, photovoltaic inverter technology, distributed power generation technology and smart micro grid technology. EAST deserves the honorable title of “Top Ten Innovative Enterprises in China’s Economy in 2016” for its strong industrial strength, excellent brand influence, advanced technical level of the industry and continuous commitment to excellence in product quality.

Honors and achievements are a kind of recognition and encouragement. EAST Group won’t stop its tireless efforts. There will be more vigorous competition in PV inverter market in 2017, however, EAST Group will keep focusing on research and innovation and develop smart energy solutions for customers, taking every efforts to build up “Hundred years Branding” in the PV market.


Posted at 2016-12-30
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